Concrete Minerals Review


Recently I felt like I could use some more colorful, bright eyeshadows in my life! I knew drugstore brands weren’t gonna cut it, so I started thoroughly researching indie cosmetics and decided to give Concrete Minerals a try and purchased 4 mineral eyeshadows at a discounted price for beauty bloggers.


underside of the eyeshadow jar.
underside of the eyeshadow jar.


The eyeshadows come in a clear little plastic jar with a sifter and a black lid with a logo sticker on it. There is a label on the bottom of the jar containing the name of the shade, ingredient list, and company website & logo. The packaging is solid and looks professional, as does the company‘s website, so plus points for that!

The eyeshadows arrived in pink wrapping paper with an info card and I also got two eyeshadow samples.



All of the eyeshadows I received are intensely pigmented, easy to blend and long-wearing with only slight creasing/fading after about 7 hours. These are amongst the first loose eyeshadows I own so I am still figuring how they work. So far it’s been easier (and less messy) than expected! To me, the quality of these eyeshadows is just amazing. I will say though that I have never owned a high-end eyeshadow, not even before I went vegan so I admit to having rather little experience in this field. I would absolutely recommend priming your eyelids first and (optional) applying the shadows with a wet brush for maximum intensity. Mostly I love the complexity and depth of the colors and duochrome shift/sparkle!

swatches on primed skin (f.l.t.r.): rocked, blood and guts, kinky, black metal, angel dust, x‘s and o‘s



described as: »Soft, neutral peach w/ violet sheen«
VBS says: it’s a light and office-appropriate color with a twist! It is a nude peach color with violet duochrome. Works great as an inner corner highlight.




vbs_concreteminerals_review_bloodgutsBLOOD & GUTS

described as: »Rusty red w/ bright aqua shift«
VBS says: possible dupe alert! Reddish brown with aqua duochrome = MAC Club-esque appeal. The aqua sheen turns out a lot less intense on my eyelids, but it does work well over black liner. Perfect color for fall and winter though, goes on so well and has great staying power!



described as: »Black-base teal w/ rainbow sparkle«
VBS says: yassss! Gosh JUST LOOK AT THIS! It’s just perfect and I had to have it. This is, for lack of a better word, a surprisingly buttery color that’s easy to work with. It’s a complex shade that has several layers of color: black, teal, and specks of glitter in pink/blue/green. I think I know now what fascinates me so much about this: it reminds me of iridescent magpie feathers!


vbs_concreteminerals_review_blackmetalBLACK METAL

described as: »(Black w/ silver sparkle) Whether you’re from the grim and frostbitten forests of Norway, or you just really dig a good, sultry black, this color will not disappoint! Best used as a contour.«

VBS says: #trve #kvlt. Listen to Celeste while applying this.


vbs_concreteminerals_review_xsandos-angeldustX’s & O‘s (center)

described as: »Magenta-purple w/ copper sparkle«
VBS says: a warm-toned purple. seemed a little lesser pigmented than others.

ANGEL DUST (right)

described as: »Pink-lavender w/ bright aquamarine shift«
VBS says: bright cool toned lavender with light blue duochrome. probably the most unique of the shades I received. Intriguing!



As CM states on their website, it did take about 4 weeks for the international order to arrive (despite CM being very fast with processing my order, I had to wait because german customs inspected the package twice.) International shipping costs are reasonably priced in my opinion. The samples they added to my order nicely complimented my choice of colors so that really seemed well thought-out and sweet. I loved that they took the time to write a cute note!


Great company with amazing high-quality vegan eyeshadows. I am so happy with these eyeshadows and will definitely purchase again from them!

Online shop:

P.S.: Concrete Minerals are celebrating their 5th birthday and have a sale until Sunday (14/09/14):

„We’re celebrating with a huge sale — get 20% off your entire purchase thru Sunday + orders over $50 get a FREE limited edition eyeshadow in Frostine!

Use coupon code HAPPY5TH at checkout!“

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