Good brows are the most important thing to me, probably because I have light, sparse, sad eyebrows D: (I also fell victim to overplucking during the years when thin brows were all the rage.) On the rare occasions where I don‘t wear makeup but need to leave the house I always fill my brows with powder; I might skip concealer but not this step because it really makes my face look more done without much effort.


here‘s a quick overview of the vegan brow products I use:
1: matte powder (p2 matte dream in 180 taupe elegance), 2: elf eyebrow kit, 3: alverde eyebrow pencil in brunette, 4: benecos natural kajal in white to sharpen edges, 5: clear eyebrow gel (from a p2 limited edition)

levels of intensity

  1. brows filled with powder 
  2. eyebrow pencil & powder
  3. eyebrow kit, pencil, powder & cleaned up edges with concealer (not blended for better visibility)

Obviously you don‘t necessarily need to do all steps! Most of the time I think some powder & eyebrow pencil will do just fine to add some definition, but I do love sporting serious eyebrows on the weekends!

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