RdL Young Vegan Mascaras


Rival de Loop is a german makeup brand sold at Rossmann drugstores throughout Germany. Their products are very budget-friendly and they do a great job at marking vegan products.

I tried the 100% volume mascara first, but wasn‘t too impressed with the results. I have been using mascaras with tiny plastic wands for so long that I was kinda suprised by the huge, sorta oldschool mascara wand. I have to say though that I like this better than the e.l.f. 3 in 1 mascara because it doesn‘t glue all lashes into a gloopy mess (I hope you get what I mean by that). This one has a little less staying power than the second mascara.

rdly_vegan_mascaras_ultratwistI was a little more hesitant to try the Ultra Twist Mascara because I‘m a shallow graphic designer who‘s easily scared off by awkward packaging design & typography, but then I caved and gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised. It‘s buildable (although the picture of my eye shows one coat of each type of mascara) and lasts longer than the 100% volume mascara. I think the twisted bristles are more of a gimmick, but I will say that the slim tip is well suited for harder-to reach inner corner lashes and such.

Welp, seems like Ultra Twist will be my new go-to mascara for now, or shall I say, until I find a prettier vegan product 😉

What‘s your favorite vegan mascara? Any recommendations?

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