Holy Grail: ila spa Face Oil for Glowing Radiance


This one is a game changer. I already mentioned this award-winning product in my vegan organic skincare routine post, but it‘s totally worth mentioning on it‘s own once again.

ila_spa_faceoil_02ila spa Face Oil for Glowing Radiance is rose-scented and consists of hand-blended oils such as argan, rosehip, rose otto, vitamin E Oil and sandalwood. This stuff is powerful! And that includes the rose scent as well as the results it gives. I love using this as a serum at night so I can wake up with glowing skin. It has become some sort of ritual for me, putting this on after cleansing my face is so relaxing, it‘s kind of like a little aromatherapy session. I have found that less is more with this oil – I usually only need about 2-3 drops of oil for my whole face. It can be layered with cremes, or diluted with a bit of almond oil, which is what I mostly do – this is a good option for sensitive or irritated skin.

ila_spa_faceoil_03You guys probably know that I‘m a graphic designer by now, so the packaging, branding and everything design-related is kind of a big deal for me. Well, I‘m really pleased with this! I like the luxurious, clean look and the practical design of the bottle. By the way, you shouldn‘t store the product in direct sunlight, so I keep mine on a bathroom shelf where no sunlight hits.

The verdict

If your skin isn‘t sensitive to essential oils and you are looking to invest in a high-performance face oil, then you should give this a go. 30ml cost about 75 Euro but you really get your money‘s worth with this. I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift from my boyfriend (shoutout to Mister VeganBeautyStudio – you‘re the best 。♥‿♥。)! 

You can find out more about the brands products here.

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